Soul Series

Awaken your Artistry

A Five Week Committed Circle


Mondays, August 31st – September 28th

5pm Denver / 9am (+1 day) Sydney

Immerse in a period of time where our lens on The 360 wheel is inspired not only by our own soul mapping, but also through music, poetry, and dance in a co-creative field of community.


A Weekly Sonic Dance Journey

Open to Drop Ins



5pm LA / 6pm Denver / 8pm NY

Rooted. Connected. Soul-Full.

With evocative sounds and a mix of soul driven world beats; we will dance to our core essence, drop into our own unique stream, shed some layers and Tune in.


A Five Week Committed Circle

for those on a Transformational Path


Thursdays, August 27th – September 24th

11am Denver / 1pm NY / 7pm London

This circle is for committed practitioners who would like to expand through The 360 lens in a small group of interconnection, healing through somatics, movement energetics, and the transformative powers of the dance.

What Now? What Next?

A Six Week Committed Circle

for Advanced Practitioners and Leaders.


Sundays, August 16 – September 20
11am Denver / 1pm NY / 7pm London

This group is for 8 – 10 deep diving committed practitioners, who want to explore on the edge of embodiment and personal direction in relation to humanity and individual impact.